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We the People Mural


This mural is titled “We the People” and it is a colorful design of human silhouettes making a profound statement of human connection. Artist Errick Freeman (aka Pach Atomz) along with many community volunteers worked together over weeks to create this historical piece. This mural took approximately 100 hours to create.

This sculptural mural developed into a community art project marking its goal in strengthening the community. Sherwin Williams, Wayne Center for Arts, Wooster Brush and NAACP #3208 are among the list of organizations that contributed to this creation.

Special thanks to Cassie Shaum, Paul Luster, Jerome Johnson, Susan Somner-Wagner, Juanita Greene, Gary Friend, Lynn Davis, Mike Flack, Aaron Valentine, Tayia Stanford and Ben Hurbert and to all the volunteers that donated their time.

 This is an inaugural mural meant to inspire. It is my prayer that all who enter the Lincoln Way Center, from the preschoolers attending Head Start to the tired citizens seeking help; I pray this mural gives them all a sense of humanity, community, and peace.

Allison M. Allison

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